Post # 8 Social Meduim


Always wonder what is the quick and fast way to share photo and video? The answer is simple. Google Photo.  It saved time from upload the photo or transferring the photo on the phone to computer and upload it  in order to share it.  Google Plus have access to Google Photo. Google Plus is Google social network. Google plus is not just for personal, it can also be for business, band, product, or cause.

Google Plus have a page that focus on business. Business can a Google plus page for free. Since most people search engine is Google, having a Google plus will help business connect to customers. So basically, 97% of consumers are looking up local business online. With Google plus, consumers are able to get information accurate and at the time they wants it no matter what devices they are using. Google plus help business build a loyal fan base. Customers/clients can rate and post review. Posts can be share again and again.

Google plus is part of Google. In order to access Google plus, will need to log in to Google which is very similar to Facebook. Circle on Google plus is the same as Facebook friends or groups and people and page are pages on Facebook. Updating status, Google plus use “share what’s new” whereas Facebook use “What’s on your mind?”; they both have the “what’s” in it. Google Plus is younger than Facebook and Twitter but Google is older than Facebook and Twitter which kind of make Google Plus seems to be older than Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know that every comment that you posted on  YouTube clips, it show up on your Google plus profile page? Simple. YouTube is part of Google. But do you know that there are some people who upload clips on YouTube actually upload on Google plus first than YouTube. I have actually followed one of the subscriber that I subscribe on YouTube and the clips that was supposed to upload on YouTube, it was already able to watched it on Google Plus. So by the time it was on YouTube, I have already seen the clips which I thought that it was clever and amazing.

Everything that is associated with Google (Gmail, Google plus, YouTube, Maps, Drive, Calendar, Search, and etc.), its easy to use and find things; also, a lot of people uses Google for search engine.

Having a Google plus page, its like you can have all the other social medium in it like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram.

Also the benefit of Google plus, you can people through the email that you sent from your Gmail. They can become a part your circle on Google plus. It’s also easier to find them than on Facebook where you have to type their display name in order to find them. If the people on your email list does not have a google plus and you are adding them to your circle, it will send an email to them to sign up for it if they do not have a Gmail account.


Alumnae perspective on Hiring

OMG…. I never thought that recruiter would dig deep to find out about candidate. I was attending an event Getting Hired: HR professionals speak about hiring process that was hosted my Career Development today 4/24/2014 from 4pm-5:30pm in Fontbonne 103. Literally, I am so going to be ready to market my brand from what I am learning in class as of this semester in school, from Sara Kerr who is an enthusiastic professor. Like in class yesterday in Integrated marketing class, we were talking about LinkedIn and creating LinkedIn account. One of the panelist at the event was saying the LinkedIn is going to be the future digital resume. 

One thing that struck me to most, it was the phone interview. The phone interview can determine if there is going to be next round or not. I never have a phone interview before for what I remember. I am literally frozen and shock at what I am hearing about this process of interview. What happen if you have a cold and your tone change???? Is it going to affect the decision on how the person who is doing the interview? All these questions are coming to mind. 







Post # 3: Walmart Ads


This an ads from Walmart carrying OP brands of clothes. It could be only found at Walmart stores. The OP brands is summer clothes. They could be only wear during the summer season or on a hot and sunny day. There are a lot of bright color. There isn’t any dull color. There is even some swirl in the ads. Its make the feeling of summer. Also, it added a feeling of fun and exciting day.

By using a celebrity in the ads will add more attention to consumers.  The celebrity name is also on the ads. Jessica is a sexy girls who physical appearance is playing in Gossip Girls. With the product targeting women, Jessica is a women and she match with the target market as well as the product itself.

Like for men, they will want their girlfriends/wife to wear that outfit that Jessica Szohr is wearing in the ads. And for women, if I want to look sexy in these clothes, I will have to get it. It drawn the women and men attention but men is more on the figure where as the women is more on the clothing and styles.

The target market of this ads is for women and women who have a sexy slim body like Jessica. Women who wants to look sexy like Jessica will go out and buy the clothes at Walmart which Walmart will have an increase in sale of women consumer buying OP brands. So basically, when every summer comes, the loyal consumers will go to Walmart and buy OP brands clothes. If any women is wearing the clothes, they will be happy and enjoying eating watermelon on a sunny day.

The scenery of the ads is like in a place in Hawaii, Florida, or California. A place that is warm and a place that eating watermelon is good. In the background, there is some palm tree.

The heading of the ads is OP which is the brand  of clothes. The subheading of the ads is “Only at Walmart“. “OP” is big and the letter are in gold whereas the support of the letter is purple. “Only at Walmart” is in white letter which blind in with the color of OP.

On Jessica, she is bright and shining but in the background, it is dull and dark. The center focus is on Jessica and everything else does not matter. Misinterpret it as to why it look like she is out eating watermelon and in those clothes during the sunset. The weird things that I don’t seems to understand it myself is that Jessica is laying on top of bench. The surrounding is like she is in a outside pool place.

The appeal of this ads is humors. It can attract and hold attention. People is best to remember celebrity with products. And with the celebrity smiling in the ads, it can put the consumers in a positive moods. With this kind of ads, consumer are able to understand the message because it is simple and its a celebrity who is in it.

Post # 2: Heart Touching Book

During my time before going to college, I have read a book that was so heart touch. The book is call Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan. There was always a phrase that “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well, I did. When I first have this book, I thought that its was going to be a boring book and there was no meaning of me reading it but I was wrong. This book, Homeless Bird, I will re-read the book again and again. I will never get tired of it.  The book was a national book awarding winning. I do not remember the year its was award. My sister recommends this book to me to read it. When she was telling me the story line of the book, I was so like, I have got to read it.

The story in the book is about a girl from a poor Indian family named Koly.  She is only thirteen years old and had an arranged marriage. The purpose of the arranged marriage was to get the dowry (bride price).  At the wedding ceremony, Koly realized that she was sold for a dowry. Koly had never met or know anything about her future husband. After the ceremony, Koly was able to meet her husband but in secret only. Since the sun rise to sun down, Koly have to take care of all the house chores. Later on, Koly’s husband died because of his sickness and left her to be a widow. The widow Koly and her mother in law have left to go to another city to lived but the mother in law left Koly in a city that mostly full of widow women who were left behind by their mother in law. As Koly was staying in that city, she faced a lot of hardship. Through all of the hardship that Koly faced, its driven her to change her future.

Like I mentioned earlier, this book, I will never get tired of reading it. It was a so amazing and heart touching story. It was a different genre of books that I have read. At first of the reading, I was so mad that her parents agreed to an arranged marriage without her consent. She was only notified after coming from school. Koly had a lot of women power that after all the things that she faced, she decided to make a change for it. Make a better future for herself. Now that I am think about this book, it remind me of St. Catherine University. Since St. Kate mission was to educate women and make them into a leader, Koly fits into St. Kate mission. Koly was a women and became a leader when she was left behind by her mother in law in a city she was not familiar with and met all different personality of widow women that had lived there. I really admire Koly for her courage and strong personality, I recommend this book.

Thank YOU!